Weather, flights, and missed rehearsals


“We’re sorry your 7:35 flight to Minneapolis has been cancelled.” Never good words to hear, especially from the airline that is carrying you to your daughter’s wedding and if you don’t make it on this flight you will miss the rehearsal. Not an auspicious start to the most important weekend of my former little girl’s life. But there’s no one to blame and it wouldn’t change anything if there was. Severe thunderstorms for several days in the Houston area have resulted in several hundred flight cancellations both into and out of George Bush International Airport and the trickle down effect cancelled our flight out this morning. No plane and no crew made it into town last night so we’re bumped. On a brighter note the rest of the weekend can only get better. So we’re off to South Dakota where it’s at least drier.Update: We finally left Houston at 1:30 in the afternoon and ended up missing both the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. :-(

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