Via’s mobile gaming console


Via, the Taiwanese chip maker has come up with a new mobile gaming console called, EVE. It features a 533 MHz Eden Procesor, 128 Meg Ram, 20 Gig Hard Drive, and S3 Unichrome Pro graphics chipset. There will be two USB 2.0 ports, six channel audio, a 4 inch LCD display, and Wi-Fi. It will be a micro-really micro PC running Embedded WinXP and will have the ability to take GSM/GPRS SIM cards for WAN connectivity. Here is a link via Gizmodo to the Eve site. Engadget has an interesting take as well.

Meanwhile yet another gaming console: Tiger Telematics Gizmondo

bq. It is another entry into the handheld gaming market, based on WinCE, and it packs a Samsung ARM CPU running at 400MHz. From there, it gets a little different. It has a camera, MP3 player, movie player for MPEG4 titles, and instant messaging, SMS and MMS via GPRS so you can send movies, pics and sound. The 2.8 inch screen is not all that bright compared to the QD, but it is by no means objectionable. Overall, it looks neat, and it should be out this fall, Q3 for Europe and Q4 for the US. No pricing as of yet, but expected to be in the $3-400 range.

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