If you have an iPOD- get the inMotion speakers right now!


inmotion2I have a 40 gb iPOD which is just the sweetest mobile device ever made. iPODs just work the way they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to, and they work in the way that just makes sense. Besides my massive CD collection that I carry everywhere I also mirror my laptop data for recovery on the road. I literally blew a group of CompUSA staffers’ minds one day a few months back when my laptop hard drive needed replacing and I was able to shoot my stuff back onto the new hard drive in about 5 minutes.

If you have an iPOD run, don’t walk, and get the inMotion Speakers from Altec Lansing. The $149 price tag may seem steep but the sound that comes out of these tiny, lightweight speakers is just phenomenal. It won’t replace your Bose system at home but when you’re on the road these things sound sweet! They run on 4 AA batteries for about 24 hours and purchase includes an AC adapter that is auto voltage adjusting. When plugged into the wall the inMotion charges your iPOD so you can leave that charger at home. The speakers are a perfect addition to your office so you can listen to good tunes at work and take your fully charged iPOD home with you. You can find these bad boys at the Apple Store. It works with any iPOD with a dock and iPOD minis require a free adapter that you can get from Altec Lansing.


Bruce Keener

Thanks for the info on the iPOD, James. I’ll add it to my “get” list.

Comfort Inn in South Dakota … I guess all my years in warm climate living make it hard for me to associate the word Comfort with South Dakota. Actually, just joking, as I understand that it’s beautiful country (I’ve not visited it), so I hope you get to see some of it. Take care,


Thanks, Bruce. The iPOD installs s/w & drivers for Windows systems and the iPOD shows up as an external hard drive. You can do anything you can with any hard drive. I backup My Documents, my Outlook files, and my Quickbooks data at least once a week.

I know what you mean about WM SE- I’m ready for it too even though it may be a step backward in some regards. On the fly landscape will be very nice since I’m blogging from the e805. I’m in a Comfort Inn in South Dakota right now, matter of fact.

Bruce Keener


A comment and a question:

I love jkOnTheRun – a great looking site and content just continues to shape up day-by-day. Good work.

The question: Did I read right that you can back up your laptop to your iPOD, and can it be done with a Win XP machine, and not just with an Apple machine? I’m tempted to buy one just for that reason (well I do like music, too). Can you actually mirror all of your My Documents files (assuming you use Xp or some variant of Windows)?

Again, great site. I’ve been checking periodically since you went online.

Side note: I’m getting impatient for WM2003SE – I really thought it would be out this week, and, while I had decided to wait and see how others did with it (because MyVga treats me fine), I really don’t have the patience for waiting.

Take care,

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