Will Toshiba ever release WM2003 SE?


All the e80x owners are patiently waiting, OK not so patiently, but no sign of the update on the horizon. The latest rumor put the arrival at the second week in May for US users and May 7 in France. Tick tock.



My feeling is it will be. I know the final revisions should be done by now and from what I hear Toshiba is readying all the different country versions and language versions. I figure with my luck it will arrive this weekend when I’m out of town. :) Welcome to ontherun, BTW.

Len Egan

I can no longer cower here listening to the agonizing thumpings of my own heart as I wait for the update. As much as I ranted at folks for wanting to get rid of their device if they wouldn’t be offered the update, I’m anxiously waiting. Will it be in May, ya think?

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