Use Firefly to call PSTN Numbers


Australian VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) developers Freshtel has just released a low cost off-net toll quality calling from PC to fixed and cell phones using the Firefly internet soft phone. The Firefly internet phone now extends it features by allowing its customers to call landlines and cell phones but with great advantages over other services. There is no sign-up free for this service. Calling rates are amazingly cheap (don’t get confused by the Aussie Dollar Pricing.) (One US dollar is about 1.44 Australian Dollars). It is a Skype-type service, and well if any indication, it is pretty darn good. The only problem I have with this, well you get Aussie phone number and it does not work with Mac OS X



One possible explanation for local number: To terminate calls from PSTN, they need to deploy GWs in the geographical area associated with the number. So with local numbers, the logistics are simpler.


Why doesn’t Skype do this? Why do all of these services insist that you have a local number (Vonage: US, Firefly: Australia)? Why the per minute charges?

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