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Welcome to jkOnTheRun, a place for me to post stuff I find interesting from anywhere I find it. I’ll try to be topical, certainly be funny, and talk about a lot of mobile tech stuff. So, sit back, kick you feet up, and stay a while.



Yes, I’m still posting on Tools every day. This is just for fun.

Justin from Tools

So are you still posting on Tools? I havent been lately, just too busy with school and work and other things. I should get back to Tools, especially with all the work I put in!



How do you like the text size now? Easier on the eyes or too big?


No a Wenger is the brand of the carryon bag I was referring to. I’m a complete city boy like you only in Houston, Texas, USA. By whole office I meant all the electronic goodies that make my life easier. Not stuff like desks, or chairs. :-) Next time hit the US => UK translation button on the front page. ;-)


Jeez, JK we were only joking about being hit by lightning :-).

I’ve gotta say you sound like the Grizzly Adams of the mobile world (just not wanted by the law).

Kinda makes me appreciate how much of a city boy I am over the pond here near (Seismic Wot!!) London.

I also have no idea what a Wenger is? is it like a Weinerbago (spelling???) camper van kinda thing or is it bag?


You know, I made the text a little bigger and then set it back smaller. It is pretty small though. Maybe I’ll make it bigger again. :-)

My work is technical project management for seismic processing work that oil companies have done at seismic processing contractors. I do the technical quality control and overall PM on their behalf. I typically have many projects going on simultaneously for multiple clients so a typical day will have me going to 4 or 5 contractors and client offices.

I have a rolling office (Wenger) that let’s me carry an entire office in a back roughly the size of a carryon. In that bag I have my widescreen laptop, PPC, folding keyboard, portable Canon printer, and current project files. I literally work out of the trunk of my car. I use Verizon’s Express Network in my laptop so I always have access to email and the web most of the day.

On days like today when I’m trying to finish a final report I work out of my home office.

Right now we’re in the middle of a raging thunderstorm and my lights have been flickering. I’ve been waiting for the brownouts to knock my cable modem off and losing the WiFi. It finally happened so I’ve fired up the cellular modem and connected to the Express Network to finish submitting this post. Mobile tech is so great!


Nice colourings, very calming. The text is a little on the small side though.

Overall I tink it’s a greet page (in my best Irish tinker voice, dunno why, don’t ask).

Good luck with the blog.


so what is it you do on the road?

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