Broadband bits today

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* WiFi in phones could become a trend: No Shit!
* 6Mbps Roadrunner :Phat Pipes rule
* TV Over IP Changing Underlying Behavior WSJ suddenly discovers…. What if you could connect directly to, say, “The West Wing” without Comcast? Without, even, NBC?. You wouldn’t even need a TiVo, because the whole world would be your TiVo.” via
* County-wide wireless broadband in Allegany, Maryland
* Can you spot the funny numbers?: SBC CEO Ed Whitacre was never really good at math!
* WorldWidePackets nails NTL UK: Big win for the little guys
* IPWireless launches in UK with PCCW: Take that WiMAX
* CedarPoint is Captain Columbia

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Sean Doherty

OM –
Also to think about: TV over IP is probably more than just a “talking dog” (cool technology)… it’s also TV w/o various layers of censorship (FCC, television network execs, commercial constraints of too few channels).

However, it may also be TV w/o programming promotion for a while. How will we know what’s “on” w/o all those useful commercials? GoogleTV?


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