$17 billion worth of home networks


InStat/MDR forecasts that the continued need for broadband sharing and a growing interest in entertainment networking will drive the total value of equipment with a home networking connection of some type from $8.3 billion in 2004 to $17.1 billion by 2008. This is because a lot of broadband users are looking to share Internet connections and electronics vendors have started to deliver new products to send high-value entertainment content over the network.

bq. “The emergence of media networking continues to be the most exciting part of the home networking market,” according to Mike Wolf, Principal Consumer Connectivity and Content Analyst with In-Stat/MDR. “Many vendors have announced or released media networking products to connect entertainment devices to networks in order to share audio and video content around the home. We expect Microsoft’s Media Center Extender technology to accelerate this trend going forward into 2005.”

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