MPx 200 for $50?


Well this is truly a bargain – the Motorola MPx 200 for mere $50, if you sign-up with AT&T for two years. Don’t believe me, check out this offer from I have tried to use this phone, and I can see why it is being sold for such puny amount of money. It is not a great phone, the MS Smartphone software is slower than Om on a treadmill! And well, the phone is bit of a clunker. Compare this with Motorola V600 or the Motorola 710 (yum yum), and you think … 70s Chevy versus today’s Acura! Still if you want one, you can get one, and don’t have to splurge that much.



i agree. this is just causes an bulge in the pant pocket which may be a good thing at times or a terrible thing. anyway avoid like plague

Jon Gales

At one point in December, it was free after rebate. I’ve only seen the mock-ups in the store and it seems a tad too bulky for my tastes. Interesting to find out that it’s slow… Who would have guessed Microsoft code running slowly?

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