CienaSpace, Un-Sprint and HFR.5


* Next generation Intel Centrino out next week? Finally 802.11g flavor on the menu, perhaps
* Supremely Stupid Sprint: Would you be dumb enough to pay $50 for Wi-Fi service? Sprint’s monthly price is “much too high,” said David Gross, senior analyst at Wireless Data Research Group. “I don’t know why Sprint thinks they can charge a premium.”
* Nextel.globe.walkie.talkie: I want to know how they will advertise this product.
* Global Double, Nee Triple Crossing: GX is delisted…again
* Ethernet Triple Play comes stateside
* Rent Space from CienaSpace: Light Reading says Ciena has 600,000 square feet of unrented office space.
* HFR, and Son of HFR: HFR incidentally is Huge F**king Router

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