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CDMA key to bluetooth success

Bluetooth-enabled CDMA phones might be key to the success of “personal area network” technology in the United States. Though many have called Bluetooth a disaster, in reality the near-distance networking technology is more of a slow starter. “Since CDMA is a large factor in the US, getting embedded Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones into that market is integral for Bluetooth growth in the US,” says Joyce Putscher, In-Stat/MDR’s Director of Converging Markets and Technologies Group. Bluetooth-enabled CDMA phones are beginning to emerge onto the market, with Sprint PCS carrying a Sony Ericsson CDMA/AMPS Bluetooth-enabled phone. Motorola 710 will soon make a debut on the Verizon network. (Review coming shortly!) and will help drive the bluetooth usage in the US.

With Mobile phones, PDAs, and headsets making significant strides over the last year, the automotive market beginning to make an impact, and PMG (Personal Mobile Gateway) products expected to emerge, shipments of Bluetooth-enabled manufactured equipment will experience a 60% CAGR between 2003 and 2008. “Most of the end-use markets for this technology seem to be making significant headway,” says Putscher. HandsFree regulations and auto manufacturers are helping to drive the movement toward the safety and convenience of cordless headsets, and consumers will be able to use them with a multitude of products, from mobile phones to telematics systems, digital audio players and game devices, PCs, office phones, and emerging stereo systems and wireless speakers. (In-Stat/MDR press release)

2 Responses to “CDMA key to bluetooth success”

  1. i agree with you on this. i think the CDMA folks are being backward looking on this. On the topic of UWB, it is a matter of when not if before it kills off the bluetooth and other technologies for wireless data access.

  2. Charlie Sierra


    Do us a favor and try this experiment, call Sprint and order the Ericsson Bluetooth phone with Vision, and listen carefully to what they say the restrictions are.

    ie. no unlimited Vision data on a bluetooth or WiFi phone. After 3MBs you must x/kb, which is a complete non-started for almost everybody.

    I think Zigbee and/or UWB will decimate any value proposition from bluetooth.