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Symbian for Smartphones

All the sound and fury around Microsoft’s Mobile OS and Palm OS, the two are still trailing Symbian in the smart phone sweepstakes. New York-based ABI Research believes that Symbian will continue to lead the market for cell phone standardized operating systems.

bq. In a market that is still driven by proprietary OS, on the order of 98% this year, Symbian, Microsoft and Linux are fighting over a small portion of the total handset market. But 2% of handsets shipped — essentially all handsets defined as “Smartphones” — still amount to about 10 million handsets a year.

ABI Research predicts that Smartphones and connected PDAs will represent nearly a quarter of all handsets shipped by 2009.

bq. Among the critical success factors for Symbian to date has been the reluctance of carriers and handset vendors alike to utilize Microsoft’s Windows Mobile for fear that Microsoft would come to dominate the cell phone OS as it did the PC OS, driving differentiation largely to the OS and away from handset hardware.

I think the best approach is the one adopted by Samsung – it supports any OS that sells. Nokia, Motorola and Microsoft are facing a big dilemma and are going to enter losers column soon enough. (Let the rants begin!)

5 Responses to “Symbian for Smartphones”

  1. I really don’t give a shit about a smart phone now. after using P800, P900 and other sundry smartphones, like all users, all i really want is a small and simple phone where calls go through. I want it to be a flip phone and I want it to just simply store my appointments in the phone.

  2. I totally agree except where I disagree! Symbian rocks, but I think you’ve isolated the biggest problem they all face: not enough people care if their phone is a smartphone. The question is: should they?