Namaste Tommy!


Indian press is falling all over itself and celebrating Tommy Hilfiger’s India debut. The designer’s debut fashion show that wrapped up in 20 minutes (and show cased 60 outfits) was bit of a let down, some attendees say, and questioned whether his outfits were really suitable for hot and humid Delhi and Bombay. I ended up visiting one of the stores in New Delhi and as expectedly, I was underwhelmed. What I found missing was the complete lack of understanding of the local market despite having local partners. I think key to cracking the Indian market is localization, and if you don’t that you deserve to get trashed. (Poor Pierre Cardin knows this all too well) Ironically some of his better suited outfits for Indian conditions are being sold on the sidewalks for about $3 a pop! So why spend $100 for utter crap? Americans know this, and Indians will realize this soon enough.

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