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It is a sign of the times – in India the new crimes are car jacking and stealing cell phones, according to this report in The Times of India.

Dilli ka thug is now young, educated and prefers carjacking and cellphone-snatching as his crime. While a total of 50 cellphone-snatching cases were reported during the whole of 2003, as many as 32 cases have already occurred this year.In the case of carjacking, Year 2003’s figure of 35 is under threat from the 14 cases reported till April 15, 2004. What’s more, police officials reason that the actual figures could be much higher than those in official records as there is always a tendency to avoid registering cases against youngsters. “If a youngster is involved, a report is registered only if the offender has committed a serious misdemeanour or is a branded criminal,” says a police official.

I am not sure about what other things, but to me it is the by product of rampant consumerism being promoted by the media.

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“rampant consumerism being promoted by the media.”
How cute. This from a consumer technology writer. From the US, of all places. I found that quite amusing.

News Flash to you – This is the other side of capitalism,…’Amriki’ style! You may have some half-romantic notions about the state of crime in your city of origin, but cellphone theft is a sign of the times – ANYWHRE in the world.
By your lament above, apparently to prevent being robbed, we should not be ‘rampant consumers’.
Last time i looked i was quite happy to have a $450 cellphone, even with the off-chance of losing it or having it stolen.
Its a product. I needed it. I bought it.
And while i’m at it, my brothers boss, sitting in an upmarket Roman hotels lobby, had a team of con artists lift his laptop, before a crucial business meeting. So watch out with that pretty powerbook of yours in Delhi too!

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