Lets talk about SMS baby


Sex, SMS it is all the same here in India. Apparently more and more women are using SMS for risque talk, according to reports in local media.

bq. For they use the short messaging system (SMS) more for sex SMSing than their male counterparts. According to the survey, the average number of SMS sex messages sent per female per day is 4.2 while for men it is just 2.2. Mumbai leads the sex SMS table with 80 per cent of female cellphone subscribers into it, Chennai figures at the bottom with a figure of 60 per cent. Delhi figures in between with a score of 75 per cent.

Further Reading: ZDNet India



Hmm, do you have your SMS-cellphone handy there? :) Actually, I wonder if there’s a correlation between fewer (or maybe no) online chatrooms and greater sex texting? Hope the trip’s going well!

Dean Landsman

This brings new insight into the phrase, “too hot too handle,” particularly when handling one’s cell phone, or –no, I’ll stop right there.



cell phones are great. well given that this whole story is featured in slimes of india, also known as times of india, i am not sure about the accuracy of the report


Hmm…how do they calculate the stats and percentages,I wonder? Do they screen the SMSes? Isn’t that a violation of privacy?

I am one of the few who still haven’t succumbed to the temptation of buying a cell *Grin*

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