McDonalds To Serve More Than Just Wi-Fi

McDonald’s plans to use the Wi-Fi network it announced (in assocaiton with Wayport) to deliver a wide range of digital content to customers, including music files, and to support in-house business applications, such as cashless payment systems, according to the company.

The company is in talks with a number of digital music suppliers, but the company has refused to identify them. Last month, LA Times reported a deal between McDs and Sony, to market the Japanese conglomerate’s new download service, Sony Connect. [More details here].

One way for W-Fi distribution: Wayport would cache music files on an in-store server, saving network bandwidth. The Wi-Fi network could also be used to distribute movie trailers to customers, which would serve as a logical tie-in to McDonald’s movie-based meal promotions..Wayport will also use the McDonald’s network to provide customers with access to digital versions of newspapers and magazines, including USA Today and BusinessWeek.

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