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Nextel did a great thing by helping co-promote Boost and helping it make the cool brand that it is. Wall Street Journal reports that now Nextel is considering expanding the Boost prepaid offering to more than 12 states. These include New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. Boost prepaid might mean lower average revenue per user when compared to post paid users, but it still is all headed to the bottom line. Chalk another one in the win column for Nextel.

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Charlie Sierra

Another Brink in the Wall…

Nextel has the best MGT by far.

Boost along with NASCAR and a new targeted Hispanic offering are just very effective steps into the VAST consumer segment of wireless.

By choosing selected segments, Nextel neutralizes its competitors (ie. come one, come all) from effectively challenging them.

In a SCALE business, how is it that the smallest carrier (nextel is now #6) burdened with a single supplier, manages to achieve the highest EBITDA margins, and a mountain of CASHFLOW?

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