Clear Channel Division Acquires Patent for ‘Instant’ Concert CDs


Not sure if this is going to thrill rival concert operators or even music bands: concert and music behemoth Clear Channel–technically, by its subsidiary Instant Live LLC–has acquired the U.S. Patent for creating and distributing digital concert recordings at events. The patent covers all media. Based on an application filed in 2000, the patent is the first ever issued for the on-site creation and distribution of recordings of live events.

Instant Live records, duplicates, packages and sells live recordings of musical artists to fans immediately following the concert. CD’s are delivered to fans within 5 minutes after the end of the show. Instant Live debuted last year in clubs and theaters in the Northeast, toured with national acts and has recently announced the expansion of its operational base.

Read the full patent, # 6,614,729, “System and method of creating digital recordings of live performances” here.

More details here in the press release

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