Say No To NPR

What happens when you have a reporter get drunk on cheap Press Club of India whiskey? He starts bitching about a fellow reporter. This evening I picked up some juicy gossip. Apparently the last National Public Radio correspondent in India (Some Sullivan chap) was living large. He had a nice place in Golf Links, which is a really posh colony in South Delhi. Like Brentwood in LA or Seacliff in San Francisco or upper Madison Avenue in New York. The rents there are generally about $3000+ in this hood. Do the math and imagine what he was getting paid!) Anyway it is clear that despite working for a “network of the masses” he was not living with the masses. So next time NPR wants to hit you up for cash, well think again.

He was not alone. For instance, Bloomberg’s head honcho lives in Jor Bagh, which is like Presidio Heights in San Francisco. Others have equally posh addresses. But nothing like the New York Times which has this beautiful colonial mansion in the most prestigious neighborhood. Actually my evening mates were ranting against the foreign correspondents who lived in India. They get pretty serious salaries, and something called a hardship bonus. What hardship – two servants, a driver, and a palatial house. I would pay to get a gig like that.

It is no surprise that anything new is ever written – after all luxury begins at home!


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