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Daksh sold to IBM

It is so surprising to catch this news. I had been making plans to go visit Daksh. It is one of the most promising companies in the outsourcing space. This morning, IBM bought that company, according to a Reuters news report. IBM made a lot of noise about not doing much outsourcing in India, but that did not mean they could not buy a company outright. More details when I meet with these guys

One Response to “Daksh sold to IBM”

  1. Anurag Sharma

    When I woke up in the morning of Aug 07, 2004, And got this news, I was totally surprised. Initially it was like a shock but when I thought about all the effects, I become more confident regarding my future. No doubt, being with Daksh was a proud itself in this sector but now IBM, with its worldwide repute… It will give up a nutro-boost to our carrer planning.