Meet Ms. Barista

What does a caffeine junkie who needs a Starbucks Grande Americano every morning do in New Delhi when he is in need of a fix? Well he heads over to one of the dozens of Barista cafes in some of the more posh neighborhoods. It looks like Starbucks, feels like Starbucks, costs like Starbucks, and has great coffee. Except it is not priced like Starbucks and they have a pretty cool Chicken Tandoori Sandwich, a television that shows, what else but cricket, a gaggle of college kids making out, a bunch of geeks playing chess, and a board game called Carrom. Given that it is the exact opposite to the west, there are a couple of white faces in the crowd. (Out in US, there are a couple of brown faces at Starbucks!) The only difference is that these guys have nothing on Starbucks’ baristas/