Om Goes ‘Ome

By the time you read this, I would be in New Delhi. As I sit in JFK airport’s international lounge, I am without an Internet connection. The GPRS connection is pretty much useless and despite the promises by the airline, there is no WiFi network anywhere in sight. I wonder what awaits me, for this would be the first time in many years I would be without a high-speed Internet connection. I wonder how I will access the email when I am in India, or how will the blogging continue. Lots of questions.

it has been eight years since I have been home in Delhi. I sit in the New York’s JFK airport, I am overcome with emotion, and anticipation. In past eight years, my great American makeover has been complete. Instead of staying up late at night to watch India and Pakistan duke it out on the cricket field, I worry about missing baseball tonight. Wonder how the Yankees will do this season. I hope ESPN India carries baseball. On a more personal level, this is a surprise for my parents, who have often extolled me to come visit. Well thanks to Friday’s good news, I am making it happen.

But there are more reasons I am willing to brave the 100F temperatures, traffic snarls. Think Heat and Dust, 21st century style. Given the hype, fear and loathing prompted by outsourcing, I am going to India to see first hand the changes that are happening in that nation. I am searching for stories, ideas and changes which Thomas Friedman’s superficial columns, or Wired or Forbes can tell me. I think observing the changes first hand is crucial for any reporter. over next three weeks think of me as “on assignment in India.” I am working on stories for Business 2.0 (you will have to read them in the magazine), but I will also try and blog the revolution.

I hope that this visual-multimedia experiment will become a template for future tech/travel journalism. I hope you will tune in and read. (Don’t worry, somehow I will manage time to blog the regular broadband stuff as well, though I could use your help in terms of interesting links etc. ) On this trip I have my trusted Apple Powerbook, the slightly dented but still trustworthy Sony Ericsson T-610, T-Mobile GSM service and a Minolta Dimage. Let the blogging begin!


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