Airports without WiFi are dumb


Frankfurt Airport, Local time, 12.10 pm: Luftansa claims that you can get WiFi on their planes and in their airport lounges. So not true. The WiFi in the sky is not available on the planes, despite their claims. At the airport, there is no access as well except in the higher end locations like the Senator Lounge. So if you don’t spend a few thousand dollars on a ticket you are out of luck. On the flip side, the slow GPRS is everywhere and I am using the low latency connection to post as I wait for my flight. Another hour to go.



I gotta admit, I don’t recall seeing any sign of it being “Senator” lounges, but when I was transitting in Frankfurt two months ago, I saw areas with White cubes that said “Wifi Hotspot” on them. It was areas that didn’t appear to be closed off lounges but rather open areas.

Om, did you see these?

William Thirteen

i have often had a bit of luck finding wifi connections by hanging around just outside the lounges… this worked delightfully at zurich as i was able to blog from my ux50… usually it is wide open… sad to hear that lufthansa doesn’t have the inflight wifi going yet as i am bound for europe later this week… life is tough all over i guess…

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