Narrowband – lessons in humility


Most of us become gluttons because of the big fat cable or DSL connections we have at home, or the Wi-Fi connections at Starbucks. It makes us loose complete perspective on things, and I have learned it the hard way this week. I have been using a GPRS connection to do whatever little blogging I could get done. Thanks to T610 and the smarts of a Mac, getting wireless connected is a breeze, but for god sake it is slow and a good lesson – it makes you patient, more tolerant and humble.

I am in New York trying to download email – one Americano, two Americano…..


Charlie Sierra

i am wonder does the sprint or verizon evdo card work with a mac? that is going to be the key for me

Officially, the answer is NO, so that means no support. Which may or may not be such a bad thing, because I can’t remember when I last called anybody for support.

However if you google for linux support you’ll find that the cards do work, “or can be made to work.”

A note on the Sprint PCS network, these dumb bastards decided they know more about networking than their customers and have burdened the CDMA network with transparent caches and other nonsense that results in poor performance, especially for images.

On the Verizon side, with a EVDO, they don’t even bother to give you an email address. All the while of course google is looking to give away 1GB of email storage to anybody.

How do you make a dumbpipe provider even dumber? Allow to add “smarts” to the system.

These telecom companies must be destroyed, it for the good of their shareholders. Yeah that sounds ’bout right.

PS. I want my Flarion!!!



thanks for the email and the advice. i am wonder does the sprint or verizon evdo card work with a mac? that is going to be the key for me

Andy Abramson


Congrats on the Green Card but you gotta ditch the GPRS card and switch to one from Sprint or Verizon. I was one of the first T-Mobile GPRS card buyers, and ditched it shortly thereafter for a Danger Hiptop (it’s so Mac like) and then grabbed a Sprint PCS card and now also use a Verizon EVDO card.

But, given you’re on what you are on, I share your pain…and remember the days of dial up like service too all too well…

Jonathan Greene

Head to Starbucks… sure you have to pay (9.95/day) but they offer a nice wifi connection and you can be much more productive…

There are free options as well, but they are trickier to find while starbucks is pretty much on every otheer corner in the city.

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