Some personal good news


Folks in case you were wondering why the blogging has been light – well I am in New York and had an appointment at the INS offices this morning. It was the last step before I got my green card, and finally today at 11.10 am, INS granted me my wish. I had been waiting to exhale for so long, and today I can. It has been almost a decade of uncertainty, but its over now. I am off and going to celebrate with a glass of bubbly. I hope you will excuse my tardiness and for not being up-to-date on blogging.



well lets just say, i only a couple of years from participating in the political process in the US. the whole immigration process is a wee bit painful.

Biren Patel

Om – Congratulations!!! You do an awesome job, and keep up the outstanding work. Cheers!

Alexander Grundner

Great news! I can just imagine how happy you must be right now. Keep doing what you’ve been doing, America is proud to claim you as of their own.

Glenn Fleishman

Congratulations, Om! I confess that I don’t understand the whole green card thing. Were you working under an I9 before now and can now legally take any job and stay in the country indefinitely? I don’t understand the intricacy of it all. (By the way, the INS no longer exists: it’s all DHS.)

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