Kinja, whatever


I agree with Ellen – I am underwhelmed by Kinja. I think Nick’s PR strategy is great, but this time around there is less substance. It is not even pretty! Kottke agrees! I think with time Nick and his team will improve this product, manifold. That I have no doubt about. Take this as constructive criticism, not as a personal affront. After Gawker and Gizmodo, I simply have supreme expectations from you.


Alexander Grundner

The site and its concept seem weak. Why would I want someone at Kinja to regurgitate an excerpt of someone elseÃŒs blog?
This site model is definitely geared towards the web newbie; and being such, the siteÃŒs service will lose its appeal after a few weeks of use. More original concepts have already emerged that introduce Web surfers to new sites like: Feedster, Bloglines, and TECHUZI (couldnÃŒt resist Om).

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