Billionaire egos, Homer Simpson, Giants, and other quick hits


* Old Game, New Technology: SF Giants finally have something to cheer about.
* Cingular’s Lemon: AT&T losing 150,000 subscribers a month.
* SE Goes PTT, EDGE: Acronym disaster, but cool phones
* Will you like VoIP with your cafe latte?
* An attorney’s wet dream: Judge tell Pacific Crossing jawbones, sue whoever you want, just leave me out of this. Tyco, KDDI are on the hook.
* A perfect Stream: Sound & Vision Magazine thinks that Creative Technology’s Sound Blaster Wireless Music — despite its clunky name – is pretty sweet.
* Homer Simpson loses his voice: Cast of Fox’s The Simpsons on strike; seeking $360K per episode vs. the $125K they currently get paid
* Bad hair television: First Donald and now this. Virgin’s Richard Branson in new reality TV series on Fox, Take that Donald.

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