When Yankees Win…

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After a rather dismal start, the New York Yankees are back in familiar territory.

bq. But these are the Yankees, just as they are supposed to be. When the best player in baseball goes hitless, they can still win by 11 runs. (The New York Times)

On the other side of the planet, my second favorite team, Indian Blues is on the verge of winning a test match in Pakistan, a historical first of sorts. Apparently GQ ( Jim Lewis) and Sports Illustrated have sent Scott Price to cover the series in Pakistan. SI has saved up 10 pages for this series. Hey anything to goose up the sales, after all ESPN Magazine, is kicking their butt. But I still got to say, SI what are you doing – save those 10 pages for great Yankee stories for god sake. On Virendra Shewag’s triple ton, Price was heard quipping that he should try his hand at baseball.

bq. “I have a feeling that Sehwag should probably stay where he is. He doesn’t seem to be in any kind of need of moving to the US. You do this in rugby and American football; also volleyball players check if they can make a transition in basketball for example. “I would however love to see somebody like Shoaib Akhtar trying to take the mouth of the New York Yankees. I think he will find it more difficult than he imagines, but it would be interesting!” (Rediff.com)

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