Vonage running scared?

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Vonage sues AT&T over the name of its competing service CallVantage; says closeness in names will confuse customers. That is just the dumbest thing Vonage has done, and perhaps not a very well thought out move. Vonage has garnered more press than any other VoIP services company but ithis action to me tells me that they are running scared. Meanwhile, I was at VoN and it was hard to find Vonage there.

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Charlie Sierra


I thought the very same thing.

I visualize this as the beginning of the squish. Kinda like a kid stepping on a sidewalk bug.

The perverse thing is that Vonage is actually helping ATT gain street credibility.

Conventional wisdom says that all the hip, cool, wizbang stuff comes from small companies. Vonage’s complaint in essense transfers this perception to ATT’s service, because one would think that Vonage wouldn’t take this action if the services weren’t basically equivalent.

Thus in my little corner of the world, this Vonage suit is the best thing to happen to ATT is a long while.

Its an unintended compliment.

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