Broadband over Powerlines (BPL) destined to fail?

Broadband Reports’ latest editorial, Broadband Fool’s Gold makes a spirited case for the failure of broadband over powerlines.

bq. Broadband over power-lines (BPL) has been hailed as the “great broadband hope” by FCC commissioner Powell, who believes it will usher in a new age of competition. Others lean on world-wide trial failures as evidence the technology is doomed-for-obsolescence; during its run bringing plenty of trouble (and interference) to areas contemplating the option.

This is a highly technical article, written by someone who knows a thing or two about how the whole thing works, and has a nice grasp of the real world problems.

bq. The medium of BPL, the powerline cable, unlike other broadband mediums such as copper twisted pair, fiber, and coaxial cable, is inherently unsuited for carrying the frequencies BPL uses. Power lines, twisted pair, and coaxial cable all act like natural low pass filters, meaning higher frequencies are attenuated more than lower frequencies when attempting to transmit them through the medium.

Ergo, if you are so inclined, please read this piece.


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