Reuters Position on Linking From Blogs


Earlier this week, I posted a note on Reuters’ latest deal with FAST, to go after copyright infringers online…I wondered aloud whether this means it will go after blogs as well…

Michael Salk, VP at Reuters Media was nice enough to write to me after that…Reuters seem to be blog-savvy, at least as far as embracing the community goes. I have met with some Reuters execs in London before, and I know they’re very open about blogs, and perhaps even using them for their own internal purposes as well.

Anyway, here’s Reuters position: “The purpose of the solution built with FAST technology is
specifically to monitor Copyright violation. The tool has been designed
to identify where a party goes beyond fair use of our stories – where
they copy a full story and post it without license or they derive a
story from our content without sourcing it.

Infringements of our copyright does not include where bloggers
quote from and link back to our original story, or where sites display a
headline and link back to We are very comfortable with
these practices.

In addition, as the worlds largest news agency we are constantly
evaluating and developing new means to improve the quality and relevance
of our journalism. Technology is just one tool that allows us to
understand how our stories contribute to the stories of our audiences,
which further allows us to improve our services. The FAST technologies
are just one part of this equation in understanding how our stories are

As a firm, Reuters has been a leader in developing news solutions for
our financial terminal clients, our traditional broadcaster and
publisher agency clients, and more recently the online communities.
We’re proud to have been a pioneer in bringing world and business news
to the internet, and continue to look toward pioneering new solutions in
Internet publishing. Our website has become a key
destination for thought leaders such as the influential Blog community
and we are committed to developing opportunities and encouraging these
communities to rely on Reuters
as the source for timely and unbiased

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