BillyG, Moto, WiFi, Ma Bell and other quick hits


* Bill Gates says hardware to be nearly free in 10 Years , Intel says, Bite Me!
* In its annual report, DT states that further consolidation in U.S. market could hurt growth and profitability at its T-Mobile unit; looking for a partner?
* SBC to introduce Wi-Fi service in 3,000 UPS Store locations; can Brown fly for you?
* AT&T to launch VoIP services in NJ; goal is 100 markets by year-end and 1M customers by 2005; $19.99/mo. for first six months, $39.99 thereafter.
* Motorola’s BCS starts acquiring to fill strategic gaps with purchase of Quantum Bridge Communications for FTTP offering. This is important development and I will post more on this later.
* Number portability complaints are down, thank god, according to FCC data.  Since WNP’s inception in late November, there have been over 6,600 complaints received by the FCC. In the month of March there were only 785.
* Home Networking Skyrockets, but Media Lags
* Reciva Wireless Household Internet Radio – Works w/o a PC!

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