Southern Virginia goes all fiber


LENOWISCO Planning District Commission, a central planning agency for the Lee, Wise and Scott Counties and the City of Norton, Virginia has teamed up with World Wide Packets to develop a 220 miles fiber optic loop. “With this step, Southwest Virginia becomes one of the most connected areas in the country,” said Ron Flanary, Executive Director of LENOWISCO. Paul Elswick, CEO of CornerPost Software, the managing consultant for LENOWISCO on this project adds, “This is going to be – without question – a terrific multiplier to the economic development benefits of a broadband deployment.”

This municipal broadband initiative is expected to drive economic growth in the region, and customers are already seeing the benefits of this cutting edge network. “As an engineering firm, we deal with large data files everyday,” said Bobby Tuck, president of Tuck Engineering. “Before we had gigabit technology, we had to mail large files to our customers, which was time consuming and inefficient. Now, I can send these files around the world just as quickly as it takes me to send it to my printer.”

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