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Convergence 2.0

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Christian Lindholm, director of multimedia applications over at Nokia has some interesting thoughts on the whole concept of convergence and the role mobile phones will play in the evolution of a highly digital and mobile lifestyle. Lets call it convergence 2.0. He found evidence of it at the CeBit.

bq. Integrating voice, image, video and text is becoming possible in an uncompromised form factor known to the broad audience as a mobile phone.

Why because he thinks with tiny flash memory cards, MP3 players, cameras and videocams all being bundled into phones, the only thing missing is the high speed connection and even that is around the corner via 3G technologies.

bq. The integration of Wi-Fi totally changes to nature of a laptop. Laptops are now powerful enough and small enough to really become communications tools

Yeah we knew that and don’t need a phone guy to tell us about these things.

bq. The Home server, rebranded as an entertainment center is the future of the Home PC. Intel was showing off the “Kessler” concept which integrated PC, Wi-Fi, RAID and lots of other technology I still do not understand, but it left a permanent impression on me.

This is convergence 2.0, only I personally think the PC guys are still thinking of it as a PC. Intel and Microsoft despite their billions, and their allies like morons at HP, Dell and Gateway are going to fall flat on their face. I would have loved to hear Christian’s comments on the User Interfaces in phones and user Interfaces in the PC world, and what impact do they have in adoption and usage.