CeBit 2004, repackaged and remixed


Underground London has a very in depth recap of the recently concluded cellphone love fest, CeBIt 2004. The highlights from the show include a remarkable return of swivel phones.

The site dubs 2004 as the “year of the slide, with many manufacturers taking a lead from the 7650 and the SL55.” (I personally love the new Kyocera phones.)

bq. Interesting to see the 3G/UMTS phones coming out. Most are still comically huge. What is interesting is that voice over IP is becoming just something to add on to broadband. Several ISPs or pure-play VoIP operators were busy signing up people to flat rate telephony. There was also the faint rumblings of voice over WLAN for consumers. In fact, VoIP/WLAN could be sold and designed just like cordless phones: a base station that plugs into the wall (in reality an ADSL router and wireless node) and a cordless (wi-fi) handset. Looking further, video over IP (and video over WLAN) are becoming a not-too-distant commercial reality.

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