Bursting the Skype Bubble


For past few weeks there has been a lot of noise around Skype. What with company raising millions in venture capital, and all the gushing press, I thought perhaps it was time to take a lot at this more critically. I think it was one of the comments on Skype Hype II that got me thinking about all the problems and pitfalls with the Skype model. Anyway being no VoIP guru, I turned to someone who has spent many years in the telecommunications and technology business, Aswath Rao. (Read his bio to get a sense of his expertise.)

Anyway as part of VoN kickoff, he has written an excellent piece on Skype, and why it is no different…. shock shock … than any other VoIP provider and worst of all it is proprietary. Anyway, I urge you to read his excellent op-ed, first for VoIP Daily, and perhaps not the last.

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