Bring on the noise, Bring of the WiMAX hype


Intel is making a lot of noise about WiMAX, and the press is playing ball. Too many stories and too little context. And too much confusion about this technology which is in a sense a worthy descendant of the fixed wireless technologies of late 20th century. Actually it has inspired a lively debate and I am just highlighting some of the more enlightened folks have to say.

bq. One of my readers, Charlie Sierra was at CTIA recently and writes, ” Fixed Wireless was hot at CTIA. But just like in the PC business, Intel is playing hardball and thinks they can BUY this market. The games being played on the 802.16 (WiMAX) and 802.20 (Wi-Mobile or Mobile-Fi) are a disgrace. The big problem Intel will have is that they don’t know jack about wireless and they won’t be able to fake it, no matter how much money they flush down the rathole.” (I agree, and wrote about this back in November)

bq. Anyway to this Damian responded, “Intel is now working with all the proprietary wireless vendors (like IPWireless and Navini) to create wireless technology that uses Intel chips.  By standardizing, it may lead to broad-base adoption ala Wifi.”

A few weeks ago, I asked Andrew Odlyzko about the importance of fixed wireless in all its variations, and he had commented that “it could be the ultimate spoiler for cable and telecom companies.” I will keep adding to this post, as I get a more coherent thoughts on this debate. I think personally this is a very important technology and one needs to focus on it quite carefully.

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