100 megabit DSL at Fast Net Futures

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Next week I will be at the second Fast Net Futures conference in Santa Clara, California. It is organized by Dave Burstein who publishes e-letter, DSLPrime. I will be speaking at one of the panels on March 31, 2004. Among the things which I am most looking forward to is the demo of 100 megabit downstream, 30 megabit upstream VDSL. I will also be attending the VoN 2004 which is being held simultaneously at the same location.

bq. Deploying in Japan within months, and suitable for 15 million U.S. apartments,  as well as many communities with fiber to the neighborhood. Reach today is up to 1,000 feet at those speeds, but Stanford Professor John Cioffi’s keynote (Tuesday 5:45) will predict 100 Mbps on copper will be 3,000 feet in the next few years. That allows coverage of 60% of the U.S. population from existing telco plant. VDSL for the final loop is a third the cost of fiber in existing buildings, reusing existing copper and less than $150 of equipment.

Also looking forward to:

Movies on the Net: Jonathan Taplin of Intertainer, the early leader in movies over the net, promises to break news on Thursday coming from Intertainer’s antitrust suit against the studios (“The Five Families”). Very colorful guy, moved from Bob Dylan’s road manager to Producer of Scorsese’s “Mean Streets” to Merrill Lynch Hollywood to Intertainer.

Indy Fiber: Paul Morris, exec director  of UTOPIA, the extraordinary project to bring fiber to hundreds of thousands in Utah, (Wednesday 8:45) is complemented by CTOs of Alcatel (Tuesday 8:45, delivering fiber to Pac Bell) and AFC (Wednesday 10:00, supplier of Verizon’s million home plan) and other experts.

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