Intel, Alcatel in WiMAX hook-up


Keeping with all the buzz around WiMAX, here is another piece of news. Intel and Alcatel have teamed up to develop WiMAX silicon and equipment, which they will bring to market by second half of 2005.


Charlie Sierra

You know my position on WiMAX (ie. its crap), but I think the real story here is massive price deflation.

Lots of caution was expressed on the last day of CTIA from mobile execs re:mobile broadband.

The fact that 3 technology groups are viaing for the next round of capex is good news for carriers.

CDMA vs. WiMAX(802.16) vs. Mobile-Fi(802.20)

Basically we may have to way an extra 12-18mos, but ultimately subscribers are going to have CHEAP mobile broadband.

It looks like the guys at S&P have begun to re-think telecom debt again. I’ve been saying that the current telecom rebound is the eye of the storm, the worst is yet to come for them.


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