In defense of the cable guys

Yesterday, I did a quick summation of a report from ABI research on how broadband gateways were good for DSL guys. Well that innocous looking post got attention from some serious heavy weights, who corrected me, and said that the ABI analyst was completely off base. Since I did not really have an opinion on the topic, I am going to go with these folks. First David Isenberg, a broadband guru if there was any, cuts through the crap and writes:

bq. I think this analyst has spent too much time in a coffeehouse in amsterdam.  Certainly in the US, the cable operators have embraced the retail model to a much greater extent than the ‘BOCs.  Can you go to Best Buy and purchase DSL service today? Nope.  And several of the largest cable operators, Comcast and Cox have formal home networking services with an integrated gateway.  I don’t see that from Verizon, BellSouth or other DSL providers.  Sounds like the Cable guys get it to me.

David, you have scored a touchdown! Boris Mann agrees with David and writes,”Telcos have consistently failed to see the opportunity around CPE in the home.” Please if you disagree with me, them, or anyone, post away.