When Munis Go Wi-Fi

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A lot of municipalities are embracing the good ole Wi-Fi technology. Jumping on the bandwagon today are West Des Moines, Iowa, Show Low, Arizona and Lincoln, Nebraska. (They are all using gear from BelAir Networks which got a big investment from T-Mobile this morning.)

* The deployment in West Des Moines will be used by the Department of Transportation to provide connectivity between the West Des Moines Traffic and Iowa Departments of Transportation
* In Show Low, Arizona, the network will be used by police and fire departments to maintain communication between mobile units and databases at city hall, and by public works vehicles at the airport
* In Lincoln, Nebraska the network will be used to interconnect dispersed city offices needing connectivity and act as a redundant link for other existing wired networks
* Spokane’s giant downtown hotzone
* Cerritos city-wide Wi-Fi network goes live

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