Audiovox, Apex of cellphones?

In the whole hubbub about cellphones, one company which gets totally overlooked is Audiovox. The company makes affordable feature packed cellphones, and has done well to garner big carriers like Verizon as its clients. Their phones seem to be of reasonable quality, and the fact that Verizon offers their handsets is proof, that the quality is decent as well. I think the company’s biggest problem is that it suffers from the same problem as Apex, the cheap DVD player maker: down market image.

This morning at CTIA Wireless 2004, the company introduced three handsets – the CDM-8930 a swivel clamshell-style 1.3 mega pixel camera phone and with a camcorder that can record and store up to 10 minutes of video, a 262K TFT 2″ LCD display, stereo speaker, a built-in two-way speakerphone, voice activated dialing and CMX 64 polyphonic ringers and stereo sound. The company also introduced CDM-8920, a clamshell-style phone, it has a built-in 1.3 mega pixel camera with macro function and built-in flash with auto sensor; CDM-8910 which has a built-in CMOS 310K pixel camera, with flash and CDM-8615 clamshell-style handset. All the phones are for CDMA networks.