CTIA Preview, its all about Data


Next week when the CTIA show opens in Atlanta, Georgia, all the hubbub will be about data services over wireless networks, reports News.com. In specific the discussions would focus on how to get Americans who love their hardwired connections to use more wireless data.

bq. “Data just isn’t growing” for the wireless market, Gartner analyst Paul Dittner said. In the United States, carriers have said that wireless data represents about 3 percent of overall revenue, compared with about 10 percent to 12 percent in Europe and Asia.

Many blame too many standards in US while rest of the world’s wireless populations have to choose from GSM or CDMA – it is mostly one or the other. (Of course in some places like india it is both.) I think the reason most of us use less wireless data is pretty simple – we have a better wired infrastructure than a lot of other places, and also have only in recent months become comfortable with the idea of using our mobile phones as a permanent appendage.

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