Tech Support Please


I am looking to solve two problems:

* How to build a global RSS feed for the entire site? Any tips, links will be appreciated.

* I need to buy a digital camera which is reasonably priced, takes great photos, is small and light, and can be charged through a USB cable. It would be great if it works with a Mac. Suggestions?



dwlt – i could not fine the tutorial at the link – actually it is a broken link – wondering what i am doing wrong

Gautam Guliani

Since you need an MT Plugin try GetXML

If that doesn’t get you where you want to go, you need to ask someone to hack one together using the power of Perl’s XML::Simple module.

On the camera front, it very much depends on how you intend to use the camera. If you’re going to carry it around a lot (after the intial excitement phase that is), get the lightest, smallest one with acceptable quality. E.g. Casio Exillim
I recommended this to a family member recently.

I on the other hand like a very configurable camera, so I have Nikon Coolpix 5000


Durjoy (Ace) Bhattacharjya

hey om,

I second the S400 (now the s410) / S500 suggestion. Great form factor, solid- but recommend purchasing extra battery pack, 256 MB CF card and the Canon case. Had an older model for years– it’s very solid.

Another suggestion- the new Sony DSC-t1, but it uses a proprietary memory stick.

re: RSS- not sure I understand question…I read you presently through netnewswire:



Vish – thanks for the tip. I am looking for one giant feed for all the sections of my entire site. there are three sections – Not Really India, VoIP Daily and GigaOM



For the camera, you should go for the Canon Powershot S400 or S500. I’m not certain you can charge it up via USB, but the picture quality is very good, the size is phenomenal (light, smaller than a pack of cigarettes, but you’ll still get 4-5 megapixels with decent optical zoom), and its Mac compatible.

Are you looking for RSS feeds for each of the sections of your site, or one big feed for all of the sections?

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