Bay Watch, no not the show

Larry to Melanie: Honey, I know you can’t write and can’t hold down a job. I also know you did not marry me for my rugged good looks or my charm. I know you are a gold digger. No, I am not going to give you my credit cards, but here have 911,744 shares of Oracle, now worth $11.9 million.. Keep me happy, they will go higher. Screw with me, well you could always write a novel about how I ended up back in six-story walk up again.

Bite the hand that feeds: Tech is in a slump, America is being exported (according to an old fat guy) and Bay Area hates the war in Iraq and George Bush. But thanks to the war, nearly $5.5 billion poured into Bay Area companies, largely because Defense Department has a new America Express Bush Card. Net gains for San Francisco 30%. Take Bush’s money, make San Francisco folks rich, who contribute to Kerry-Dean debacle, protest. Recycle! Perfect the fine art of hypocrisy.

Queer Guy versus Straight Guy
Middle age straight guys do this: 1. diovrce wife of 25 years 2. Buy a Porsche Boxster 3. Wear Versace Print shirts with 7 For All Mankind denims 4. tint their hair. 5. Get a 20-something vixen for a girlfriend.
Middle Age Queer guys do this: get married.

* You get Sick, I get Rich
* Pop Goes The Weisel:
* San Francisco needs PeptoBismol for Wi-Fi
* Genetics: Technology with a Twist, now an Exhibit
* Veritas: there is truth in wine, just not in Software

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