New wireless digital TV service

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Peter Rojas at Engadget has found another cool start-up, USDTV. Like Akimbo, this is yet another twist on broadband-delivered content.

bq. Despite the fact that almost no one else has been able to succesfully do this, a start-up called USDTV is trying to build a new non-satellite wireless pay television service. Subscribers have to buy a $99 set-top box to receive the signals, which are broadcast digitally over the regular VHF and UHF television spectrum, and then pay a monthly fee of $19.95 for a small selection of cable channels like Fox News, ESPN, Discovery Channel, and regular local stations.

Reuters reports that the Salt Lake City, Utah, based company has started offering 25 channels. Albuquerque, New Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada will go live within a month, and the company plans to launch in 30 major markets by end-year, and is targeting 5 million subscribers in four years, according to USDTV Chief Executive Steve Lindsley, the former president of KSL-TV, an NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City.

I have a gut feeling about this one – this is going to work. I cannot explain why, but their price points are just really competitive with the cable and satellite guys. It could do well in urban markets where satellite is not an option.

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