Indiana’s first Wi-Fi City

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Evansville turned on its Wi-Fi networks in three Downtown locations, establishing the city as the first in Indiana.

bq. The Wi-Fi service, developed by SBC Communications in partnership with the city and its economic development agency, Vision 2000, is now deployed at The Centre and at the Downtown’s two major hotels – the Executive Inn and Casino Aztar. Other locations in the SBC Freedom Link Wi-Fi service here will include the Evansville Regional Airport terminal, the Civic Center and several locations on Downtown’s Main Street.

In case anyone is headed that way. And since it is SBC enabled, no it is not free. It is going to cost between $8 per day or $20 a week. Apparently it cost the city close to $300,000. But the reason why I am including this piece – well look at the boneheaded statements made by Kirk Brannock, president of SBC Midwest Network Services.

bq. Brannock said he believes “wireless data is the future,” and that the service will attract technology businesses and create jobs in Evansville.

Shit, if that was the case then the Bay Area and New York would be a recruitment nightmare.

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Jim Johnston

So…. SBC gets the city to pay $300K to build out their network out for which SBC then gets to charge and earn revenue off of. Gotta love the lobbyists! They earned their money on this one.

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