Euros bought 131 million mobile phones


Strategy Analytics says that a record 131 million cellular handsets were shipped in Western Europe in 2003. Q4 was the highlight of the year, topping out at a massive 42 million units.

bq. “2003 was the best ever year for mobile device shipments in Western Europe,” states Neil Mawston, Senior Analyst of Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Service. “Annual growth of 21 percent was driven by tumbling wholesale phone prices, by innovative color phones and by large operator handset subsidies creeping steadily back into the market throughout the year.”

Big winner was Siemens, and according to Chris Ambrosio, Director of Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Device Service. Ambrosio, “Siemens’ improving product portfolio and its continuing strong brand presence led to a 19 percent market share in Q4 2003, and a 16 percent market share for the full-year.”

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