Verizon EvDO Review


Broadband Reports loves Verizon EvDO service in Washington DC. Now I can’t wait. Maybe switching to Verizon is not such a bad idea after all

bq. Upstream speeds not as bad as reported. The Washington Post offers up a review of Verizon’s EvDO broadband wireless service, offering speeds around 500kbps downstream and currently offered only in Washington D.C. and San Diego. The worst performance the reviewer saw was a 540kbps download.


Will Isaksson

I guess it depends on your location. Where I am the evdo worked adequately before Verizon bought the local company. It has been downhill since then. Verizon epitomizes all that is wrong with big corporations. Reduced service, endless phone waits, and corporate speak up the wazoo.

Robert Kim - Verizon Agent

Om Malik, Thanks for the review… News Flash since the 27th of July 2004. We now have Las Vegas live with broadband wireless via cell tower coverage… the full press release is at What’s really exciting is that EVDO service is becoming nationwide this summer with more cities including Los Angeles, Orange County, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Orlando, Tampa, and more all set to launch shortly. Frankly, My clients have seen service speeds as low as 300k BUT… they all report having a 1000kbps speed throughput as a common normal experience… especially when in cities. To test out the service for 2 weeks, simply call me at 619 972 4800 or email

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