Cingular’s California Troubles

BlogSphere is abuzz with the news that something’s wrong with the Cingular network in California. Just wondering how much more could go wrong – dropped calls, patchy coverage and just sheer bad quality overall – with a company which is soon going to become the new “CellZilla” of the mobile phone business. Alan Reiter reports that, “Cingular Wireless’ GPRS system (not voice) has been unavailable since March 10 in certain regions of the country, including southern California and the Washington, D.C. area.”

bq. I have heard — but not confirmed — that Cingular doesn’t want subscribers to use e-mail service and, to “encourage” MMS use, has deleted all user e-mail addresses, systemwide.  That means for several days no Cingular subscriber — across the country — has been able to use e-mail.

Shouldn’t we do something about this? When will FCC come out of its current “censure networks” obsession and really take these bad phone companies to task?

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